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Consumer Products

High-Quality, Versatile Specialty Alloys Expertly Engineered for Consumer and Fine-Edged Products

Carpenter Technology supplies consumer products manufacturers with high-performance specialty alloys, stainless steels, titanium, and metal powder materials that are used in countless durable and nondurable goods. Carpenter's manufacturing capabilities and integrated mill operating system enable speed to market from concept to mass production. CarTech® alloys and Dynamet titanium products are commonly used in a multitude of everyday consumer items, including:


smart phones, speakers, GFI switches, seals, LED and LCD televisions, camera system, kitchenware, and household appliances

Magnetic alloys

Controlled expansion alloys

Wear resistant alloys

Sporting Equipment

golf, bicycles, hunting, watches, and smart watches

PH stainless

Martensitic Stainless

Knives and Blades

razor blades, cutlery, sporting knives, blender blades

CarTech CTS alloys


Materials Solutions for Design Challenges

As the go-to leader for advanced alloy chemistry and materials solutions in the Consumer Goods market, Carpenter Technology passes on to customers the benefits of our latest advances in industrial metallurgy and product development—creating value for some of the world's popular brands and delivering quality within their most commonly used products.

Whether we're adding distance and accuracy to golf clubs with CarTech AerMet® alloys, or adding brilliance and strength to wearables and jewelry, durable goods and nondurable goods manufacturers worldwide rely on our CarTech alloys and titanium products to differentiate themselves from competitors, run more efficiently, improve lead time, and respond quickly to customer needs.


Powder Metallurgy for Consumer Products

Carpenter Powder Products, a subsidiary of Carpenter Technology Corporation, provides a full portfolio of stainless steels and alloys with magnetic characteristics for Metal Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing processes.


High-Performance Steel for Blades and Knives

We understand steel is the true measure of a blade's overall quality and primarily responsible for how the instrument performs. Our family of CarTech CTS® alloys offers the industry's most complete portfolio of blade and knife making steels—expertly engineered to exhibit varying degrees of hardness, toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and edge retention.

CarTech CTS alloys such as XHP, 204P, BDZ1, BD1, or 440A, have achieved significant popularity among custom knife makers, cutlery brands, tool manufacturers, and surgical instrument companies. These in demand, high-quality alloys are oftentimes considered among the best steel for knives (e.g. sporting, hunting, and kitchen/chef knives) as well as other fine-edge applications (e.g. scissor and razor blades, scalpel and surgical blades, and cutting tools).

Carpenter CTS Stainless LSS Alloys Selectaloy Diagram



Carpenter Technology Corporation Carpenter Technology Corporation

Carpenter Technology Corporation is a leading producer and distributor of premium specialty alloys, including titanium alloys, powder metals, stainless steels, alloy steels, and tool steels.

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