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Additive Manufacturing Production

Carpenter's Additive Manufacturing is a Game Changer.

Part-to-print technology has numerous advantages over subtractive manufacturing. With an as-built density of 99.8%, components are strong, reliable, and durable — making them suitable for rigorous functionality testing. Overall cycle time is reduced with production dropping from months and weeks to days and hours. The technology is ideal prototyping, with 3D CAD files being printed to parts just hours after input — versus weeks to months of subtractive manufacturing. In addition, complex geometries, including those that are unobtainable with subtractive manufacturing techniques, become design realities. Another critical advantage of AM is part and component weight reduction. Several parts can be integrated into a single component. And structural webbing in hollowed out sections results in a lighter part — without compromising structural integrity or performance.


Part to Print

Full Run Production

Electron Beam Melting

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