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Additive Manufacturing

Production-Grade Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Metal Printing Applications

Metal additive manufacturing—also known as 3D metal printing or rapid prototyping—has become increasingly popular within numerous industries for its ability to produce precision components and net shapes of almost any geometry. The additive manufacturing process uses the data from 3D design software to guide energy sources (lasers or electron beams) to melt successive layers of metal powder to form the desired shape. 

Carpenter Powder Products (CPP) stands at the forefront of this innovative and rapidly emerging technology. Our expert metallurgists and technical service professionals continue to make advancements in powder metallurgy, developing clean, spherical, gas atomized powders in a wide range of specialty alloys, superalloys, and titanium tailored for the specific AM process employed. CPP powders are produced to rigorous standards of chemical uniformity, shape, density, and flow.

High-Quality, Production-Grade Metal Powders

While initially developed for prototyping and small scale production, metal additive manufacturing is used to produce strong, durable, functional precision components and net shapes in sizable quantities for demanding applications and industries, including Aerospace, Consumer, Energy, Industrial, Medical, and Transportation.

Our powders are made from CarTech® specialty alloys, superalloys, and titanium, and offer a superior homogenous, fine, and super clean microstructure. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), product and design engineers, and third-party suppliers rely on CPP’s high-quality, production-grade metal powders to visualize and build parts and components quickly and accurately while maintaining excellent dimensional stability.

Realizing the Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Metal additive manufacturing has the potential to offer significant cost savings and time reductions over conventional methods. The most significant advantage comes from design flexibility. Since the process is an additive rather than a subtractive process, less waste is generated, thereby saving material costs. Time is also saved as tooling is not required; parts are produced directly from the design software.

Additionally, CPP’s clean, spherical, gas atomized metals powders are expertly engineered for high packing densities, consistency, and flow. This superior level of quality provides CPP customers with a high degree of flexibility and design freedom, while meeting specific requirements for alloy chemistry, mechanical performance, and surface enhancement.

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Net Shapes and Additive Manufacturing


Testing and Quality Assurance 

Carpenter Powder Products and Carpenter Technology facilities are regulated in accordance with the latest requirements and operating process procedures set forth by various international, federal, and industry quality management systems, including: AS9100, ISO 9001, and Nadcap.

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