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Carpenter CTS® Alloys for Knife Blade Applications

    The Carpenter CTS family of alloys offers superior edge retention and surface finish, the ability to be machined to a fine edge, and consistent heat-treatability from lot to lot. These specialty alloys can be considered for a variety of knife, blade and other fine-edge applications including: sport/hunting knives, textile, military/defense, packaging, law enforcement, recycling/refuse, kitchen knives, hand tools, Knives(2)salon blades, surgical/medical, shaving razors, commercial food processing, ice skates and paper processing.

    Carpenter manufactures specialty alloys to customer requirements using stringent quality control from melting through shipment. CTS alloys are available in a variety of sizes in coil or cut-length strip form.

    For more information on CTS alloys, select one below to read its product profile. 

    Compare Carpenter CTS alloys to find the material best suited for your application needs:


    Benefits of Carpenter CTS alloys:  

    • Superior edge retention
    • Machinable to a fine edge
    • Consistent heat-treatability lot to lot
    • Technical expertise
    • Made in the USA

    Distribution: The collaboration between Carpenter’s high-quality material development and production with SB Specialty Metals, the blade industry’s top service provider and distributor has opened new opportunities to serve a broader market in the U.S. and Canada. Read the full news article here.  Or, visit SB Specialty Metals’ website.

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