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Carpenter CTS 204P Alloy

Nominal Analysis
1.90 C, 0.35 Mn, 0.60 Si, 20.00 Cr, 0.65 W, 1.00 Mo, 4.00 V, Balance Fe

The unique combination of wear resistance, toughness, polishability and corrosion resistance makes CTS 204P an excellent candidate material for pelletizer, granulator and high-performance industrial and custom knives as well as food processing equipment.  This alloy is now available in Strip product form.

The Carpenter CTS™ family of alloys offers superior edge retention and surface finish, an ability to be machined to a fine edge, and consistent heat-treatability from lot to lot.  Consider CTS alloys for many blade applications including commercial food processing, paper processing, textile, packaging, recycling/refuse, kitchen knives, hand tools, scissors/shears, shaving razors, sport/hunting knives, ice skates, military/defense, law enforcement, salon blades and various surgical/medical applications.

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