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Carpenter Powder Products (CPP) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of gas atomized powders. Our Micro-Melt® powder metal alloys offer a homogenous, fine and super clean microstructure.

We welcome the opportunity to develop specialty products and custom solutions to help reduce the life-cycle cost of your products.

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Titanium Alloys for Demanding Applications

Dynamet Incorporated, a subsidiary of Carpenter, has grown to be a leading domestic and international supplier of titanium alloy products for the aerospace, medical, consumer, motorsports and recreation industries. Forms include bar, wire, fine wire, shapes and strip.

Titanium Alloys

High-Performance Specialty Metals for Demanding Applications

The Carpenter name has been synonymous with excellence in stainless steel. After all, we developed the world’s first free-machining stainless and continue to set new benchmarks in machinability.

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