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StainlessBlueBkCoverTeaserCarpenter's Stainless Steel Blue Book 

It's even better than you remember!




How do I passivate finished parts? What are the pitfalls when welding duplex stainless? What are my coating options for cold heading wire?  Look no further than the blue book!  

Carpenter's metallurgists have been solving customers' design and production challenges for more than a century. And Carpenter's Stainless Steel "Blue Book," the design engineer’s resource for more than 60 years, is now updated and interactive. 

The book includes:  

  • The Selectaloy® method of choosing stainless steels
  • Direct links to dozens of Carpenter stainless datasheets 
  • Rockwell hardness tables
  • Estimated weight and conversion tables  
  • 50 pages covering corrosion, magnetic properties, and more than a dozen fabricating operations.

Request a PDF of the Stainless Blue Book now!  [scroll to Alloy Info - Stainless Steels


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