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Carpenter® CTS® BDZ1 Alloy

DIN 1.4037 

Nominal Analysis
0.60/0.75 C, 1.00 Max. Mn, 0.025 Max. Ph, 0.01 Max. S, 1.00 Max. Si, 12.50/13.50 Cr, 0.75 Max. Mo, Bal. Fe 

A martensitic steel chemically balanced and processed to provide a uniform, fine carbide structure. This structure has been suitable for the manufacture of thin sections and fine blanking operations.  The alloy can achieve a tempered hardness capability into the low HRC 60’s.

CTS BDZ1 alloy is an excellent candidate for razor and utility blade applications, which demand high hardness and edge retention. This proprietary alloy is part of the Carpenter CTS family of alloys, offering superior edge retention and surface finish and an ability to be machined to a fine edge and consistent heat-treatability from lot to lot.

This alloy is subject to decarburization during thermal processing. Take precautions to control this condition.

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