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Specialty Alloys Operations

Stainless Steels and Specialty AlloysEmbracing best-in-class manufacturing practices, Carpenter’s SAO facilities in North America, Europe and Asia manufacture and warehouse cast-wrought stainless steels, high temperature (nickel, iron and cobalt-base) alloys, high-strength alloy steels, medical alloys, magnetic and controlled expansion alloys, tool and die steels, and other specialty grades in long product form.

Visit Products & Services to search the full range of alloys and capabilities from Carpenter including titanium alloys, down-hole tooling, contract manufacturing, and conversion of stainless steels, high temperature and other specialty alloys, and tool and die steels.

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Product Information and Technical Data

Browse our online catalog of stainless steels, specialty alloys, and tool and die steels. For loose metal powders, visit Carpenter Powder Products.

Visit Carpenter's comprehensive, searchable Alloy TechZone to research and compare the Carpenter alloys meeting your performance criteria. Search Latrobe alloy datasheets separately.

  • Carpenter Finished Inventory - over 150 Carpenter Technology alloys located throughout our network of global sales offices and distribution centers. 

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Manufacturing Operations  

Arc MeltingCarpenter operates fully integrated mills in Reading, PA and Latrobe, PA.  In addition, a state-of-the-art premium products manufacturing plant in Alabama began production in January 2014. A modern bar finishing mill in China is producing product as well. Other operations:

Hartsville Operations - Talley - distribution center and mini mill manufacturing stainless steel bar and wire in South Carolina

Kalyani-Carpenter - manufactures and distributes stainless steels, tool and die steels, and bearing and valve steels in India

Orangeburg Operations - manufactures fine wire in South Carolina

Shalmet - manufactures large-diameter hollow bar for the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania

Special Products - converts metallic alloys into finished and semi-finished parts in Pennsylvania


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