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Dynamet Titanium for Your Demanding Applications

Dynamet Incorporated, a subsidiary of Carpenter Technology Corporation, has grown to be a leading domestic and international supplier of titanium alloy products for the aerospace, medical, consumer, motorsports and recreation industries. Dynamet’s substantial investments in research and development allow our Technology Development team to focus on innovation and to continuously improve established products, while bringing new products to light. 

Quality Products for High Industry Standards 

Dynamet’s process starts with the careful selection of materials sourced from a select group of qualified global suppliers.
These materials must meet Dynamet’s specialized requirements, and in turn are processed to meet precise customer and
industry specifications. Our breadth of experience enables us to offer customers a wide variety of titanium products that
exhibit uniform consistency in mechanical and surface qualities, as well as dimensional tolerance.

Aerospace Fasteners

Dynamet has earned an international reputation as the premier supplier of titanium
heading wire and bar to manufacturers of aerospace fasteners. 

Titanium is a top chosen material for joint reconstruction procedures
due to its light weight, biocompatibility, and strength.

Fashion-conscious consumers seek out eyewear made from versatile
titanium manufactured from Dynamet’s fine wire products.

Complex net shape spinal fixation systems had been designed
using Dynamet’s Precision Shape products. 

Dynamet product forms include: wire, fine wire, precision shapes, coil, strip, and
bar. Compositions and mechanical properties can be tailored to meet custom
requirements. Customers can specify rectangle or square shaped bar or wire for
machining applications, as well as hexagon shaped bar. Bars are available in
standard or custom cut lengths.

Select a highlighted alloy to view a detailed technical datasheet, or contact Dynamet for other product information. 

Please contact Dynamet for your titanium application needs.