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Hartsville Operations-Talley

Carpenter’s Hartsville Operations, Talley Metals Technology, is a modern mini mill and distribution center that provides a variety of operations including hot rolling, heat treating, and finishing ultra-premium stainless steel, nickel-based, and specialty alloys in a variety of sizes that range from standard to non-standard. 

Hartsville Operations/Talley assists in the manufacturing process of Carpenter’s wide variety of specialty materials. Finishing operations include coil cleaning, bar cleaning, shot blasting, acid purification, cold finishing, and cold drawing. Hartsville Operations also produces stainless steel rebar in the form of both bar and coil, which can be ordered in a number of grades and sizes.


Solid Stainless Steel Rebar

Several grades of high-strength, solid stainless rebar are made in conjunction with Hartsville Operations. The rebar has been used for concrete reinforcement in a wide range of construction projects requiring long-term resistance from road salt, harsh marine environments, seismic areas, and the concrete itself. Nonmagnetic stainless steel rebar has also been used in the construction of MRI medical facilities. 

  • Melted and manufactured in the U.S.A. to strict quality standards 
  • Readily available in lengths up to 40 feet (12.2 meters) 
  • Sizes #3 through #16 (9.5 mm through 50 mm) 
  • Capable of meeting ASTM 955 and BS 6744 


Potential applications for spiral-ribbed stainless rebar, as well as additional information, can be found by downloading the Stainless Rebar Information Kit from Carpenter’s Product Literature Page.  


EnduraMet® Stainless Rebar Grades & Technical Data

Access these alloy datasheets in our free, comprehensive Alloy TechZone: 


Quality Assurance Standards 

Carpenter’s high quality standards are reflected in Hartsville Operations through their prestigious certifications, which include:  


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