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Carpenter Powder Products

Carpenter Powder Products is one of the world’s largest suppliers of spherical gas atomized metal powders. Micro-Melt® powder metal alloys offer a homogenous, fine and super clean microstructure. CPP supplies a wide range of products from advanced aircraft and medical alloys to stainless and tool steels.


  • Corrosion, wear, and temperature resistance
  • Improved Heat treating, machining, or grinding of tool steels
  • Waste minimization
  • Increased product life

Our products include gas atomized powders produced via air, vacuum, or pressurized melting with Argon or Nitrogen Atomization in ultrafine, fine, medium and coarse powder distributions. These include loose and consolidated iron, cobalt, and nickel-based alloys, and stainless and tool steels.

We welcome the opportunity to develop specialty products, custom solutions and other required support to help reduce the life-cycle cost of your products.

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