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Amega West Services - Downhole Tools and Rentals

Amega West manufacturing machineAmega West Services, a subsidiary of Carpenter Technology, is a leader in the manufacture of oilfield equipment and the rental of downhole tool solutions for land and offshore directional drilling and related applications.

Based in Houston, TX, Amega West is committed to providing superior-quality tools, exceptional service, and competitive pricing. You'll find the drill-site tools, service and cost efficiencies to give you the advantage in the field. We develop equipment with durability to API Spec 7-1 standards.

Manufacturing Services

Amega West has a global footprint with manufacturing facilities that feature 5 axis vertical and horizontal machining centers and dozens of CNC turning and milling devices.  These facilities have consistently met exacting standards for MWD/LWD collars/housings, rotary steerable components, mud motor components, and well monitoring components.

Amega West's modern capabilities and skilled operators produce precision machined components in a variety of alloy systems including alloy steels, nonmagnetic stainless steels such as Carpenter's 15-15LC® Modified and 15-15HS® Max stainless, SCF 19® alloy, Carpenter SCF 260™ alloy, nickel base alloys, and many other exotic materials.

With locations in the U.S., Canada, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, Amega West's components have been used in:

  • Nonmagnetic drill collars - full length and pony collars (OD sizes 3.5 in. [88.9 mm] to 9.5 in. [241.3 mm]) 
  • Complex MWD/LWD housings
  • Stabilizers including spiral, straight and welded bladed in steel and nonmagnetic alloys 
  • Non-mag and steel subs
  • Production/completion tools and components


Amega West rentals and repairTool Rental Services

Capitalizing on our manufacturing experience, customers rely on us for a vast inventory of rental tools.  We also provide welding and repair services to extend the life of your components.

  • AmegaVIBE™ vibration tool
  • Survey drift tools
  • Steel and nonmagnetic stabilizers
  • Nonmagnetic drill collars
  • Steel and nonmagnetic subs
  • PTA hardbanding
  • Roller reamers and double reamers
  • Single blade fixed hole openers
  • Steel pony collars
  • Float valves
  • Welded and integral blade hole openersAmega West tooling threads 
  • Cargo baskets
  • Ring gauges
  • Drill pipe screens
  • Devil drills
  • Welding and repair services

Inventories include sizes up to 26 inches (66 cm). All connections are machined to API Spec 7-1 unless otherwise specified by the customer.

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A Location Near You

With 11 convenient locations in North America, the Middle East and Asia, Amega West is ready to meet your short-term availability needs.

Contact Amega West to discuss your oilfield needs.

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