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Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges Through Research and Development

R-and-D Classical LabCarpenter’s commitment to technical leadership in specialty metals is epitomized by the work that occurs in our research and development center in Reading, PA. Here, our in-house staff of metallurgists, scientists and technicians play an important role in developing new products and improving existing products and processes.

Ongoing R&D programs in such areas as physical metallurgy, analytical chemistry, applied physics, nondestructive testing, or process and systems development guide us as we investigate the structure, properties and behavior of various specialty alloys. Alloy families include magnetic and electronic, high temperature, stainless and tool and alloy steels.

Did you know that Carpenter developed the first free-machining stainless steel, now known as Type 416, in the 1920s?  More recently, the company set new benchmarks with the Project 70®+ family of premium free-machining stainless steels and the AerMet® family of ultra-high-strength alloys. The future will bring more exciting discoveries and innovations.


Contract Manufacturing/Process Services

In addition to alloy development, Carpenter's R&D center includes contract manufacturing services for small-scale vacuum melted or powder metal alloys. Based in Reading, Pennsylvania, Process Services offers VIM, VAR and ESR melting from 40 to 400 pounds, hot forging, heat treating and strip finishing processing. Learn more about R&D Process Services.


Technical and Metallurgical Services

R-and-D_forgingCarpenter also offers experienced technical service engineers and technicians, metallurgists and market specialists to its customers. Carpenter can assist with material selection, specifications, properties and fabrication characteristics.

Carpenter’s titanium subsidiary, Dynamet Incorporated, also operates a Technology Development group staffed by metallurgical and mechanical engineers and experienced technicians. A major emphasis is the development of new processes and products to meet the needs of customers. This group also performs contract research, processing of small lots of developmental materials, and vacuum heat treating of small titanium components.

Whether in response to a customer request through a Carpenter application engineer, or as part of our product improvement programs, Carpenter seeks to develop new and improved products and processes that help our customers compete in a changing world.