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Carpenter In Your Life

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Carpenter is all around you. Board an airplane, and Carpenter’s specialty alloys and titanium products can be found in a range of applications from the landing gear and engines to airframe components. Learn more about aerospace applications.

Each time you start your car, Carpenter alloys help keep the power train, braking systems and safety systems working smoothly. Learn more about automotive applications.

Visit the dentist and doctor, and you may see instruments and devices that use our alloys. In addition, Carpenter's cobalt base alloys have been used extensively for joint reconstruction and spinal fixation. Learn more about medical applications.

Gasoline and electricity to power your life are possible from Carpenter alloys in oil and gas exploration and gas turbines. Learn more about energy applications.

These are just some of the many products that perform better thanks to Carpenter’s broad range of specialty alloys.


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Learn where you'll find Carpenter products in your life.